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It is significant to note that as the 2023-24 school year begins there are 26 homeless families in the Stoughton school district that include 50 children, with 5 of those considered unaccompanied. “Unaccompanied” means they have no adult looking after them.

Our STEP FORWARD program is designed to assist individuals or families achieve housing and increased self-sufficiency. To accomplish these goals, the STEP FORWARD program will secure safe and affordable “rental” housing for a maximum of 24 months. Additionally, it provides case management services through Stoughton Area Resource Team (START) and the Senior Center, including advocacy, support, and access to other resources.

Click on the "Video Presentation" in the upper right corner of this page
to learn more about the STEP FORWARD program.

We are open and willing to deepen your understanding of HATS with a brief presentation on STEP FORWARD that lasts about 15 minutes to a half hour with discussion. More importantly, we are looking for more landlords willing to offer one space for a family with secured rental payments for 24 months. We would be grateful and proud to share this resource with you.

For more information simply send an email to



Hats off to landlord Phillip Knutson and Asgard Holdings LLC for offering one of your apartments to a homeless family. We are grateful for your compassionate vision of eliminating homelessness in Stoughton. Thank you for saying “yes” to STEP FORWARD.


Landlords Needed

Looking for landlords!! We are looking for amazing Landlords to proved quality rental housing for people in Stoughton. Our "Step Forward" program guarantees the monthly rent to the landlord for 2 years including weekly check-ins with case manager and monthly onsite check-ins. Units can be apartments or single-family houses.

Please contact us at

We would love to partner with you ~ there are many people ready and waiting to move!


Hats offs to Steve Brown Apartments! We are grateful for the generosity and willingness to offer one of their units for the well-being of the community of Stoughton! Thank you Steve Brown, Mitch Colstad, Jennifer Oppriecht and Meggan Allen for your compassionate vision with the homeless.

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