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Our Purpose

The Housing Advocacy Team of Stoughton is organized for the purpose of addressing the affordable housing needs within the Stoughton Area School District by working with public and private entities and individuals in the community.

Due to the increase of households not able to maintain stable housing, Stoughton has a significant number of economically disadvantaged children in the Stoughton Area District. The impact on the children is multi-layered and having a home is essential to both physical and emotional well-being so that children have the mental energy to achieve academically and thrive in school.

Individual adults can also have trouble obtaining stable housing.  This is especially true for those individuals in the 55-65 age group. 

Homelessness is not as visible in Stoughton as is it in Madison. In Stoughton, homeless families/individuals live in cars, hotels, campgrounds, or have to double up with friends or family.  However, at best, doubling up is only a temporary solution and these families/individuals are constantly moving from one location to another. If none of these options is available, people often need to move to a shelter in Madison. 

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